Renovation of furniture

We can repair loose joints of chairs. Duplicate and remake any intricate missing parts including turned and carved components. New parts will be colour matched; finishes can be done in traditional methods including French polishing or modern polishes/spraying lacquers.

Veneer repairs and veneer matching repairs on all sorts of modern and traditional furniture. If accidental chips, gouges or burns have occurred then veneer patches can be cut and colour matched.

After some considerable use, polished surfaces can become worn, faded, scratched and even have burn marks or dents. With modern furniture these surfaces can be removed with chemical strippers and prior to staining, surfaces can be sanded to remove any such marks and in some cases bleached. Once prepared, items can be stained to match existing finish.

General repairs can encompass a huge range of differing requirements which may include whole splices to legs, arms, rails etc. Carving, turning, re-jointing or making new joints such as tenons or dovetails. Cut out and remove any woodworm damage with new timber.

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